Live Creative

LIVE CREATIVE is a series of daily blog posts starting in 2020

The aim of the posts is to provide some daily inspiration in a variety of forms that might help to trigger new creative connections in your work, ministry or life in general. As we seek to innovate in all areas of life, it helps to have a broad range of inspiration – the more sources of imagination we draw on the more likely we are to make new connections between ideas. 

The aim is to share 4 pieces of inspiration each morning at 7am so you can reflect on them over breakfast or on the way to the office or as part of your morning quiet time.

word of the day – you can use this word to brainstorm new ideas, as a point of reference during discussion, as a form of mantra or just something to begin your day thinking about.

prompt of the day – this is sometimes a statement, sometimes a question or might be a single word. You can use this prompt to guide your planning, to give you a creative jolt or to bring a new dimension to a piece of collaborative work.

image of the day – a single image that you can use as a point of reflection, inspiration for your own creative endeavours or as visual source for brainstorming around.

monthly inspiration – the fourth thing will change on a monthly basis, it could be a quote, a poem, a colour, a photo or something from nature etc

You can sign up to receive LIVE CREATIVE (and other anewloom blog posts) straight to your inbox using the sign up to the right of this page. Look out for the LIVE CREATIVE banner if you’re scrolling through the blog which you can do using the ‘blog’ tab on the main menu.

I’d love to hear from you if you have used the LIVE CREATIVE posts as inspiration, particularly if you’d be happy to share your story on the blog… you can use the contact page. Please do also get in touch if you have ideas for the monthly inspiration, word of the day or prompt of the day…