Creative Chaos #20

Art I’ve never seen any really massive street art myself but there are loads of pictures on the web. I’m wondering how disconcerting it was to drive down this road? Picture I wonder… Photography Not sure if it’s still the final frontier or not but I was chatting to a PhD student who has beenContinue reading “Creative Chaos #20”

desirable stay?

What’s your customer service like? Are your welcome team all members of the blue rinse brigade with hearts in the right place but who would rather not have to talk to anyone who hasn’t been a member since a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth? I think customer satisfaction is really important, even more soContinue reading “desirable stay?”

lets get visual, visual…

I tend to skip over the advertising in magazines but Bang and Olufsen (Wired UK 08/11 p20) have caught my eye. The big selling point at the top of their advert for the Beosound 8 says “Incredible Sound. Incredible offer.” but it’s the tag line underneath the massive image that caught my attention. It saysContinue reading “lets get visual, visual…”